5 Reasons why Scrubs is the best show to watch when sad or depressed in life.

This show is the perfect companion to those gloomy days..

We have all had those down days and for many just sitting and watching characters on TV help a lot. Specially when that show is Scrubs which had every aspect of life in those 22 minutes.

As the show has been off air for quite sometime and consisted of 8 seasons (Never gonna count the 9th season) it has left a lasting memory on all the fans.

These are 5 reasons why scrubs is the best show to watch when down in life

The Characters

Credit : Scrubs

Scrubs consisted of wide range of characters and each one portrayed a different personality. The main characters that included a nerd imagining a more exciting things to his normal life or his best friend who was the complete opposite or his tough wife who loved what she did. There are many more main characters but you get the idea.

All of these characters go through some problem or the other and the fact that each of these characters is either us or someone we knew it helps to know how they deal with it.

The Comedy


In essence, Scrubs was a comedy show which is why it is on comicules but as the seasons progressed we started seeing more then comedy. Even though episodes became more and more serious by the end, show never left the funny side.

The fantasies grew larger, the janitor calmed down and fell in love even Dr Cox eventually learnt to love but even though character’s grew up they still made everyone laugh.

The Drama

Credit: Buzzfeed

Scrubs brought drama in a comedy show and left the viewers crying. Episodes such as my lunch or my screw up from season 1 proved that they had the right way of doing comedy and still make viewers cry.

If you haven’t watched those 2 episodes they are a must see.

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