8 Funny Gifts For Men (2016!)

Every man needs a little humor in his life.

Every man needs some funny in his daily life and what better way to have that with a small gift that can cheer up his day.

Though there are so many gifts options available online we decided to pick the funny gifts for men on the basis that they should be usable, clean and funny at the same time.

How we selected the right funny gifts

We didn’t want to just suggest any type of gift that is available and that includes vulgar and bad stuff. There are lots of them!

Now don’t get us wrong everybody loves a little sexual humor but we wanted to compile a list of gifts that can be used on a daily basis.

We wanted to focus on products that are:-

  • Genuinely funny : – Provide good clean laugh.
  • Usable in daily routines: – Gifts that are useful.
  • Clean : – Gifts that he is not ashamed of using. These are also funny gifts for Christmas and other holidays.

Once we had set the criteria it was time to start looking for the funny gifts for him and these are our selection.

Funny Gifts For Men – The Best Online!

BigMouth Cup

bigmouth cupDo you know someone who is famous for his anger? Then this gift will be perfect for him. This ceramic cup resembles an after photo of an angered person’s grip.

Perfect for your man to use in his office reminding him of anger. He is sure to have a nice chuckle and a laugh or two everytime he will use it.

If you are worried about leakage or whether or not it will work then fear not cause it is 100% working and a functioning cup. You can read reviews on amazon where people have given this to there co-workers and have been using it for two years.

Great cup for him to enjoy his daily cup of joe. If you are looking a right funny gift for him then this is it.

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Fake hair... Cap

fake hair capDoes your man spend a lot of time outside or is bald? Then this gift will leave everyone laughing for hours on strectch.

Cap made from 100% cotton and hair made from %100 polyster. This quality funny cap is perfect those men who appreciate good humor on there head.

It can also be used by golfers, Halloween and for party events. It works well as a hat too so it serves two purposes of protecting your head and making everyone laugh.

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Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker

Toilet roll talkerThis is something we had to add to the list not because of obvious reasons but because it makes one of the boring tasks of the day fun.

This toilet roll talker comes with 8 different sayings in his voice. Now tell me if that is not funny I don’t what is.

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves Donald trump or hate him they will love to use it.  It is also a great prank gift for you. Fit it in your bathroom and when your friends use your bathroom wait for them to come out with a shocked look.

Everytime they will use it they will hear the voice of Donald trump fill the bathroom having them to lose there minds.

The voice has been digitally recorded and is 100% authentic so you get the feel of him in the room at the time.

It runs on batteries and comes with replaceable ones.

A prank gift or a general gift for anyone who can’t get Donald Trump out of his mind.

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Redneck Backscratcher

back scratcherA back scratcher for men is a perfect gift for girlfriends and wives to give to there men who constantly keep asking for back scratches.

Redneck Backscratcher fulfills that task very nicely with its pines and provides the funny element while doing so.

It is completely functional too so they can use it as well. It comes with 15 pines that provide a large surface of scratching and relief. It is a perfect gift to give year around.

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The Official BS Button

bullshit buttonNow that you know of a gift to give someone with anger issues what about a gift for someone with low tolerance to bullshit? This gift is perfect for them.

They can place this on there desks and everytime an opportunity strikes they can smash this button to let everyone something stupid has happened.

A fun gift that can be enjoyed on a daily basis with others joining to call it bullshits. And who knows after calling out enough bullshit maybe they will end bringing world peace? It is a possibility just keep an open mind.

If you are worried about quality then don’t be, it has over 1k+ reviews approving of it’s quality and fun factor.

It is also a cheap gift to give to him so you won’t have to rob a bank to gift this.

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Forum Classic Propeller Hat

Forum Classic Propeller HatThis 80s stereotypical child hat is perfect to gift to your guy to bring out all the nostalgic memories while also providing a good laugh.

You can ask any guy what they secretly would love to do and the answer will be to feel like a kid again and this hat does that and well.

Providing fun memories and lots of enjoyment it is the best funny gift to give him.

It is one size fits all design and made with 100% polyester. Other then usual regular fun wear times it can also be worn to carnivals, parties and events.

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Amurleopard Unisex Barbarian Knit Beanie

Amurleopard Beanie OctopusDoes he live in a cold area? Does he love wearing some out of the box stuff that place him out of the crowd instantly? If so this octopus beanie will be a perfect gift for him.

It will keep him warm in the cold weather while making sure he looks out of the box on his way to work or when out walking the dog.

It is one size fits all so you don’t have to worry about if it will fit his extra large head. Also it comes in multiple colors so you can choose your favorite to gift him.

If you are doubtful about it then just read the reviews on amazon and you will learn how much fun other buyers are having with it.

He might have to wear a banner though claiming that he is not a real octopus. Just an idea for a joke while giving him this. This cheap funny gift for guys is sure to make head turns laughing.

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I flexed.. Tshirt

i flexed funny tshirtDo you know someone who is has been complaining about going to gym and how he does not have time to build those rock hard abs?

This tshirt is perfect for them with its funny ironic humor that reminds them they should be working out.

Don’t look at the man in the image, imagine it on the man that you are going to gift it to and know that he has going to get a nice chuckle out of it.

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This was our selection of the best funny gifts for men that you can get and give.

These are usable products with a sense of humor so you know that they are not only going to love it but are going to use it on a regular basis and enjoy them while using it.

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