Mitch Hedberg’s Autograph

Don’t ask a busy comedian for an autograph..

Famous comedians are always running around between shows and sets with very little to give autographs (for the selfie generation – When there were no cameras to take selfie, people took signatures on paper). This is how Mitch Hedberg autographed for a fan, while cleverly referencing his own joke.

Incase you are not aware of the classic, this is the joke –

“People ask me for my autograph after the show. I’m not famous, I think they’re fucking with me. They’re trying to make me late for something.”

So when a fan asked him for an autograph this is what he wrote.

Credit: camshaftcarb

Incase you can’t understand because of the doctor’s handwriting this is what he wrote –

“Morgan.. Fuck you now I’m late”.