Top 5 Best Barney Stinson Moments

Barney Stinson.. The Original Bro!

As much as everyone loved Ted Mosby the 9 years we followed HIMYM religiously, there was one character that kept stealing the show every episode.

That character was Barney Stinson.


Every playboys idol, every mans imaginary best bro and every girls ideal romance (till he sneaked out in the night).

He was a broad character who had a playboy side, entrepreneur side, make life awesome side and by the end romance side. So today we are going to list out top 5 moments he had on the show that made his character so popular.

Crazy Science Theories

He has had so many theories in the past and as crazy and impossible they were he managed to make them believable.

Infact in the episode “Brunch” Ted points out that all of his statistics are always at 83%. So if you were planning on re watching the entire series this is something you can try to take notice of.

His most popular and realistic theory (according to some) is the crazy hot scale. Which tells that a chick is allowed to be crazy as long as she is that hot.

Credit: WordPress
Credit: WordPress

The Playbook Tactics

How can anyone forget the infamous playbook and its detailed plans on getting laid. Some of the best ones that could actually work in real life include

  1. The Ted Mosby – Where you pretend to be just left at the altar.
  2. The Cheap trick – Where you are in a rockstar band.
  3. The call Barney Stinson – Where you just put the number out to all the single ladies.
  4. The Missing Cat – Find someone who lost a cat, get them a new cat similar to old cat and break the ice.

These are some of the best ones that we thought can work really well in real life.

When He Became The New Leader of The Gang

When Lily and Marshall move away to there new home, Barney Stinson proclaims that with nobody trying to stop his crazy evening plans he was now the group leader. The excitement he gets from this shows how much he was looking forward to this.

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